Culture Club Tastings

After his sold out series of talks at the last London Cheese Project, cheese writer and World Cheese Awards judge Patrick McGuigan is back with an all new line up of tutored tastings, from deconstructing cheese to a grand European battle of fromage.

The one-hour tastings are fun and informative, and include at least five cheeses and two alcoholic drinks. Tickets cost £15, which includes anytime entry to festival, or £10 for those who have already bought entry to the London Cheese Project.


12pm, Sat & Mon, 26 & 28 May

What makes a great cheese? Join cheese writer and World Cheese Awards judge Patrick McGuigan as he takes guests on an expert tasting of artisan cheese, exploring how the key ingredients of cheese affect flavour and texture.

What impact does pasteurised and unpasteurised milk have on cheese? How does animal breed and species affect flavour? And what effect do rennet, starter cultures and salt have on the final product?

Learn how to fully appreciate the finer points of cheese using all your senses in a fun and informal expert tasting with matching drinks.

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3pm Sat-Mon, 26-28 May

When do you eat the rind? What does ‘raw milk’ mean? And what are those crunchy bits in cheddar and Parmesan?

Join food writer and World Cheese Awards judge Patrick McGuigan on a tutored cheese tasting with matching drinks as he tries to answer all the questions you ever had about cheese, but never thought to ask.

From how to create the perfect cheeseboard to learning to taste cheese like a professional (it’s more complicated than you think), the talk will explore the how, why and where of British cheese.

Learn how to fully appreciate the finer points of fromage using all your senses in this fun and informal expert tasting.

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cheese v beer with fourpure
5.30pm, Sat & Sun, 26 & 27 May

Wine is fine, but beer is better! Join us for an in-depth look at why beer is the ultimate match for cheese with cheese writer Patrick McGuigan and beer expert Nick Tingle from London brewery Fourpure.

We'll be matching five new wave cheeses with five craft beers from Fourpure as we explore the connections between two of the world's great foodstuffs. Learn how to taste beer and cheese like a pro, while discovering more about their shared history, the similarities in how they are made and why their flavours complement each other so well.

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cheese & sake tasting
12pm, Sun only, 27 May

Japan meets Europe with thrilling results in this one-off tasting exploring the fascinating world of cheese and sake matching.

You might not know it, but there are a huge range of different styles of sake with flavour profiles that are perfectly suited to cheese. Think fruity and aromatic or earthy and savoury, plus sparkling, infused and aged versions.

Join Patrick on a voyage of discovery with four different sakes, supplied by leading distributor Tazaki Foods, matched with five British and European cheeses. Learn about different styles of rice wine and cheese, and why they have more in common than you might think, and discover why cheese is now big in Japan and sake is growing in popularity in the UK.


*Please note: the events are for over-18s only and some of the cheeses will be made with raw milk and non-vegetarian rennet. A minimum of five cheeses will be tasted, plus at least two alcoholic drinks.

All tickets include anytime entry to the festival.