Festival Exclusives

Cheesy streetfood specials, one-off exclusive cheeses and new product launches - as if you needed any more reasons to come...


Wild Garlic Brillat-Savarin
Paxton & Whitfield

A decadent triple cream French cheese that Paxton's has taken to new levels with a layer of wild garlic.

wildes cheese

Tottenham-based Wildes will be bringing along a special edition cheese called Brian. A lactic-style cheese, creamy and mild in flavour. Sales from this cheese will be donated to CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably - a charity specifically focusing on the issue of men's mental health.

Tipsy Edmund Tew
blackwoods cheese co

Kent-based Blackwoods are taking their organic, raw milk cheese Edmund Tew (recently named Best Artisan Cheese in the Country) and washing it in Marc de Bourgogne (a pomace brandy made with grapes from their friends' vineyard in Burgundy). The process gives the soft cows' milk cheese a pungent orange rind, a little like the french cheese Langres. Edmund Tew is named in honour of a convict sent to Australia for stealing cheese (cheesemaker Dave Holton is Australian!).

Black bigod
Fen FARM Dairy

Suffolk-based Fen Farm are doing a one-off aged version of their raw milk brie Baron Bigod for the festival. The cheeses, which have been aged for several months, take on a darker colour, harder texture and more piquant flavour than the normally soft, gooey cheese. The company are also developing a wild garlic flavoured version of the cheese. 

renegade nun
feltham's farm

Still rind-washed ('delicately bathed' rather than 'drunkenly washed') but a little firmer, sharper and bluer than Renegade Monk.

Queso Cotija
Gringa dairy

A brand new cheese to be launched at the festival by Peckham-based Mexican cheesemaker Kristen Schnepp of Gringa Dairy (a co-founder of the festival). Cotija is a salty, aged cheese that is perfect for crumbling and grating over tacos. Think Mexico (and Peckham's) answer to Parmesan over pasta.

lady prue
Quicke's cheddar

A brand new cheese from Devon farmhouse cheddar-makers Quickes, which has developed an unusual new cheese made with a mix of goat and cows' milk. It's named after owner Mary Quicke’s mother, who built the original cheese dairy at Quicke’s in the 1970s. Young, pale and delicate with a gentle caramelly hint.   

merry wyfe
Bath soft cheese co

A brand new washed rind cheese from the Bath Soft Cheese Co on Park Farm near Kelston, which is rarely seen in London. The cheese is made to a gouda recipe, but is pressed and the washed in homemade cider made with apples from the farm until it has a whiffy, sticky rind, which is savoury and meaty. The cheese beneath is surprisingly sweet and buttery. Made with pasteurised cows' milk. The company's Bath Blue, which will be at the festival, was named Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards in 2014.